Alexander Kurlovich

I was born in Moscow in 1962. By the first profession - a biochemist and microbiologist. He began to study photography seriously in the late 1980s, studied at the photography department of the Moscow Free Academy, in technical aspects - self-taught.

Around the beginning of the 2000s, I've made the first monocle, according to an article by Georgy Kolosov in "Soviet Photo". Combined with my interest in botany, this gave a very definite result. Since then, my magical journey through the "middle jungle", in the words of Kipling, has lasted. Now it has a kind of name "In Search of the Witch Flower".

Exhibitions: I had about 6-7 exhibitions, five exhibitions remained significant for me:

My first exhibition "Shadows Shaw", in the gallery "Spidermaus", December 25, 1995 - January 7, 1996. A very naive and "amateur" exhibition, but it gave me an impetus to further.

The second - "Frescoes", exhibition hall of the library number 27, near the Novodevichy Convent, 2002.

The third - somewhere in 2003-2004, organized by the "Photoproart" company, from several series.

The fourth - "Macroabstractions", which includes works from the series "Gentle Labyrinth" and "AbstraCactuses" in the "OGI Project", in 2007.

Fifth - "Living Light", where I finally showed the "monocle" work. Moscow, Art-cafe "Nigde Krome" ("Nowhere Except"), September 2 - 20, 2022, then October 4 - November 8, gallery of the CCR "Vertical", Pushchino.

A few more exhibitions were simply “somebody offered to show some works”.

After 2007 , I made a decision - no longer to exhibit in "non-core" premises. Since then I have participated only in group exhibitions, sometimes less often, sometimes more often, till 2022.

I rarely participate in contests, simply because it’s not a format at all, and I don’t feel that I need it. The only significant achievement in this regard is participation in the final exhibition and album of the Russian National Geographic.

My works are available in the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery and in the private collections in Europe ond USA.