Alexander Kurlovich

I was born in Moscow in 1962. By the first profession - a biochemist and microbiologist. He began to study photography seriously in the late 1980s, studied at the photography department of the Moscow Free Academy, in technical aspects - self-taught.

Around the beginning of the 2000s, he made the first monocle, according to an article by Georgy Kolosov in "Soviet Photo". Combined with my interest in botany, this gave a very definite result. Since then, my magical journey through the "middle jungle", in the words of Kipling, has lasted. Now it has a kind of name "In Search of the Witch Flower".

Exhibitions: I had about 6-7 exhibitions, four exhibitions remained significant for me:

My first exhibition "Shadows Shaw", in the gallery "Spidermaus", December 25, 1995 - January 7, 1996. A very naive and "amateur" exhibition, but it gave me an impetus to further.

The second - "Frescoes", exhibition hall of the library number 27, near the Novodevichy Convent, 2002.

The third - somewhere in 2003-2004, organized by the "Photoproart" company, from several series.

The fourth - "Macroabstractions", which includes works from the series "Gentle Labyrinth" and "AbstraCactuses" in the "OGI Project", in 2007.

Fifth - "Living Light", where I finally showed the "monocle" work. Moscow, Art-cafe "Nigde Krome" ("Nowhere Except"), September 2 - 20, 2022, then October 4 - November 8, gallery of the CCR "Vertical", Pushchino.

A few more exhibitions were simply “somebody offered to show some works”.

After 2007, I made a decision - no longer to exhibit in "non-core" premises. Since then I have participated only in group exhibitions, sometimes less often, sometimes more often.

I rarely participate in contests, simply because it’s not a format at all, and I don’t feel that I need it. The only significant achievement in this regard is participation in the final exhibition and album of the Russian National Geographic.